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> > > > Stage 8 : St Pierre de Chartreuse. Final finish of the SNW Tour de France

Suggested Accommodations

Gite L'Ancolie Sportive
The Nordic Family will make its final sprint in this Nordik Walk Station, at the heart of the Nordik Walk Station Network with the presence of Raidlight's head office.
从 05 octobre 到 06 octobre

Last stage of the Tour de France of Nordic walking stations
Saturday 05 October
9:30 am: Warm-ups, Stick, bag and shoe tests. Number of places limited. Raidlight / Vertical St Pierre de Chartreue store
2:30 pm: Nordic Walking Advanced Workshop in video with David Deguelle, 20 seats, 45 minutes
15h15 : Nordic Walking / Sophrology Workshop with Peggy & Delphine
16h15 : Workshop / Cereal bar making. 20 places. Number of places limited. Workshop location -
18h30 / 19h30 : Round table: Relationship between sport, Nordic walking and health
Presentation of the Nordik Walk station network by Laetitia Matray, in charge of the animation of the Outdoor Experiences Station Network and David Deguelle, president of the Nordic Walking Adventure Association
Presentation of the Tour des stations, assessment of the Tour de France, David 3 minutes
Sophie Maingre, vice president of the Nordic Walking Adventure association, Osteopath and wellness coach,
Delphine BURLET, Sophrologist, Graduate of the Academy of Sophrology of Paris and the School of Caycedian Sophrology of Grenoble; Saint Pierre de Chartreuse (38)
Chloé BIRON - Dietician Nutritionist, Cabinets Horizons - Grenoble (38)
Peggy Rannou - Sports coach and MBE practitioner. Grenoble& Saint Pierre de Chartreuse ( 38)
Price: 6€ / per person / per workshop
Price for the 3 workshops or 18€ for the 3 workshops / people
Price with the all-inclusive Sunday group walk: 22 €
Conditions of access to the workshops:
Number of places per workshop 20 places max. 5 places per workshop Minimum to start the workshop.
Workshops open from beginner to advanced.
Registration: or on site directly
Sunday, October 06th:
Collective march. A loop from the Arcabas Museum in Saint Hugues. At the end of this walk, you will be offered a visit to the museum.
Meeting in front of the Saint Hugues museum at 9:30 am.
Registration: or on site directly Price: 6€ / Person
Nordik Walk Station - Nordic Walking Adventure
Facebook of Nordik Walk stations - Facebook Nordic Walking Adventure

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Well being in Chartreuse


Well being in Chartreuse


Well being in Chartreuse


Well being in Chartreuse


Well being in Chartreuse


Well being in Chartreuse


Well being in Chartreuse

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Well being in Chartreuse

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