> > How can we participate in the preservation of our playgrounds while practising our favourite sports?

This is what the Outdoorvision digital platform (https://outdoorvision.fr/) offers. Thousands of outdoor sports and nature enthusiasts want to help territories make eco-responsible decisions by sharing their GPS routes on the platform, thus preserving their practice areas.

Why share your tracks?

By sharing your tracks (and only tracks, other data is not processed or recorded), you help territories to ensure that their sites are adapted and maintained (installation of garbage cans, dry toilets at the starting points for example).

The OutdoorVision program is the result of a partnership between spaces, federations and brands, and is anchored in a responsible and innovative approach, with the aim of contributing to the development and planning of territories.

How to participate?

Share your GPS tracks with the Outdoorvision platform by connecting your Garmin Connect or Sunto account, or communicate your GPS tracks directly.

It's up to you! : Let's meet on Outdoorvision https://outdoorvision.fr/


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