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Remember your childhood, discovering the joys of cycling, opening the gates of freedom and starting your cycling adventures. You felt like you could go anywhere, do anything and become anyone, with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face.


What if we told you that there is a time machine that allows you to revisit the feelings of wonder, exhilaration and escape of your childhood?


Say hello to the Gravel and the bikes made for adventure.


If you want to have the most faithful companion by your side - a companion who is ready for anything, from smooth roads to dirt tracks to backcountry trails and undulating country roads - know that Gravel bikes offer the greatest versatility of all bikes, without exception. Gravels and adventure bikes must be durable to withstand the most demanding terrain and riding surfaces you will encounter. Similarly, they must have impeccable handling and stability, and also allow you to carry your equipment and gear with confidence. And finally, they need a wide range of developments to allow riders to explore new roads, climb climbs, revel in their surroundings and discover every kilometre from sunrise to sunset.


Wherever your adventurous spirit wishes to take you, we have a bike to guide your journey. 


Find the Gravel Felt 


and find the network of  R Bikes Resorts

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