> > Tour de France of the Nordik Walk Stations

Between March and October 2019, the entire Nordic Family will be roaming around the Nordik Walk Stations in France and Belgium, and will meet one weekend a month for Nordic walkers, beginners, experienced or simply curious!

Make an appointment on the site stationsnordikwalk.com and come walk together to share the same passion!

Every weekend spent in a Nordik Walk Station will be an opportunity to discover the destination, the Nordic walking routes, through highlights: outings, introductory and advanced training courses, discussion time (conference by specialists and workshops).

Under the sign of CONVIVILITY, SHARING, RESPECT FOR NATURE and for oneself!


Morning > Warm-up / stretching / group initiation + breakfast

Nordic sensory walk for children. (free participation)

Afternoon > Advanced workshops: Video analysis of each walker's gestures (video offered): Propulsion, upper & lower body coordination and movement flow. Specific workshops to define evaluation of your fitness level on site, body nutrition care workshop. ( 5€ / person / session) . 3 sessions of 45 minutes each.

Evening > Welcome drink with local actors and products, conferences, round table, video, history, themes (health, sport, Xtrail, modern mobility)...


Let's walk together on the paths of the Nordik Walk Station! Picnic out of the basket.

Nordic Walking Adventure

David, 48 years old. Nordic walker since 2005. Professional in tourism and outdoor sports.

Sophie, 34 years old. Nordic walker since 2008. Health and well-being professional.

Yulian, 3 years old. Follow his parents with enthusiasm!

Lysandra, a few months... rocked to the rhythm of the sticks.

Adventures to our credit: Crossing the Jura, Crossing the Vercors in relay over 24 hours

Participation in the national circuit of the Marche Nordic Tour FFA

Internships in France and Spain


Promotion and enhancement of the Nordic Walking in France and abroad
Sharing of our professional and associative experiences
Sustainable development / Mobility / modernity and innovation
Travel and discover Nordic walkers through our family adventures
Offer workshops for further training and internships
Introduce beginners to this physical activity and spread the vitality of this sport

Contact: davdeguelle@hotmail.com

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