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Gerland Park has a "Fog System" that creates a fine mist. It is one of the largest such systems in Europe:
Enjoy the sound installations by Pierre Alain Jaffrennou, "Animots", in the Maison des Fleurs, on the Iris path, a 400 m² villa offering information, exhibitions, a book shop, and a workshop for gardening classes. There are workshops on the beavers, which are to be found on the banks of the Rhone in the park (they only come out at night).
There is also a "Jardin Chromatique" (Colour Garden) by Laurent Fachard with lighting of the vegetation until 10 pm; the 3000 m² Bird Garden contains numerous species of birds due the many nesting boxes in the orchard.
Urban Bees ( is a programme with European funding for the preservation of wild bees in urban environments: 3 insect hotels, filled with different materials, 9 plots filled with substrates of earth, sand, clay and, in the middle, an insect spiral made of flat stones and earth.
There are also children's games partitioned by hedges with themed squares.
Dogs are allowed on leashes; picnics are permitted on the lawns.
There is also an indoor and outdoor Skate Park.

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