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Nordic walks in the most beautiful mountains of the Vercors (sports, moderate, health groups), technical courses with various themes, Nordic-Trail sticks©, Power Nordic Walking, OTOP.
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Del 07 juin Hasta el 09 juin

Nordic Walking Courses AJForm and Air-Z for Euronordicwalk Vercors 2019 :
- From Sunday 2 to Thursday 6 June: Nordic Walking, Nordic Trail-Sticks, BungyPump, Pilates, Shiatsu Do-in and discovery of the North Vercors
- Belly June 7th 5 courses to choose from: Nordic Walking Techniques, Nordic Trail Sticks, Nordic Walking Kinesiology, Nordic Walking and Yoga, BungyPump
- Monday June 10 day of sports recovery and relaxation
Information and registration:
06 22 91 80 15




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