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Discover the story of David Deguelle and Sophie Maingre's Nordic Walking Adventure.   

David and Sophie, since their meeting in 2010, have been travelling the world from Reunion Island to the Slovenian Alps, first on mountain bikes and then for several years on Nordic trails. David, a professional in tourism, travel and mountain guide, has been organising itinerant stays on the move since 2000, then on Nordic walks since 2008. Sophie, osteopath, specialized in Osteo Sports, graduate in Shiatsu, massages, wellness coach cares for and follows many people on their way to a better vitality and balance of life.

"Our couple is nourished by their passion for Nordic walking, well-being and accompanying people in their personal development.

The Nordic Walking Adventure association's primary goal is to promote Nordic walking in all its forms in France and throughout the world.

Through a number of trips throughout Europe to join major Nordic Walking events, Nordic Walking Adventure has been able to promote Nordic Walking and its vision of a beautiful Nordic Walking for wellness for over 8 years with visits to Germany, Spain, Slovenia and Austria.


We also created this association to make a dream come true : to get from Aix-en-Provence to Helsinki in Nordic walking, that is 3600 km.

After many developments, this pioneering project was born in 20XX and we linked Paris to Helsinki, going through the following stages..: Paris (walk in Fontainebleau, in the Chevreuse valley) - Berlin (walk in this city, land of history and freedom, a value we like to find in our projects), stop in Copenhagen (Nordic walk all night to discover this city, a waking dream where gestures become metronome of a meditation with eyes open on the world that opens to us), Sweden to go to meet the Nordic spirit with a dive into the atmosphere of the Fjords. Our journey extended to Helsinki and beyond as we also had the chance to walk to Lathi, land of many Nordic competitions.

This journey was coupled with another objective of meeting people, walkers or not, but sharing our values. More than ten people accompanied, welcomed and guided us. (We take this opportunity to say thank you to Arja Meyer who gave us valuable advice!).

This project has enabled us to acquire real expertise in Nordic walking on the road over more than 20 days of Nordic walking, with more than 200km covered, punctuated by recovery times on public transport between two stages. We were able to work on the weight of the bag, the choice of the sticks, their manufacture, the transport of the sticks, the clothing for the daily practice with very variable meteos.

We are proud to have visited many French regions and to have supervised many Nordic walkers who now share their passion with others.

This experience is also enriched daily in the exchange with the collaborative work we have conducted with other professionals in the discipline. We enjoy working in sharing and mixing our eyes and our desire to share our passion for Nordic walking with other professionals in the discipline. From these collaborations came friendships, a network and an ethic to guide Nordic walkers, to accompany them in their passion in turn.

Thanks to Arja Meyer, Yann Villeneuve, Fathia Kadhi, special mention also to Isabelle Ansel and Pascal Lefebvre with whom we carried out the first Jura Crossing in Nordic March, to Vanessa who called on our association to launch courses in Spain. We hope to find on our Nordic walking projects still lots of beautiful people like these".


David Deguelle and Sophie Maingre - Nordic Walking Adventure.

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