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> > > > Stage 8 : St Pierre de Chartreuse. Final finish of the SNW Tour de France
The Nordic Family will make its final sprint in this Nordik Walk Station, at the heart of the Nordik Walk Station Network with the presence of Raidlight's head office.
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From 12 octobre untill 13 octobre
Saint Pierre de Chartreuse
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We will end with a hybrid Nordic walk between trail, hiking and Nordic walking. We will do this new route from the base of the resort using on a single circuit portions of hiking, running and Nordic walking techniques. Portions will be defined in advance. This outing will be a combination of Trail, Nordic Walking and hiking.

Saturday, October 12th

10am - 11:30am Warm-up / Stretching / Collective initiation

Opening of a Nordic walking trail for children.

 2pm - 4pm : Advanced workshops: Video analysis of each walker's gestures (video available): Analysis of propulsion, upper & lower body coordination and movement flow.

Transverse workshop with Peggy Rannou and Delphine Burlet combining Sophrology and Nordic Walking

20€ / person / session. 3 sessions of 45 minutes (30 places)

Specific workshops define evaluation of your fitness level on site. Offered

6:30 pm - 8 pm : Round table on the role of Nordic walking as a health sport with the Nordic Walking Adventure association and 3 guests, Chloé Biron, Peggy Rannou and Delphine Burlet du Massif de la Chartreuse, well-being professional:

-Chloé Biron is a dietician-nutritionist in Chartreuse and Grenoble. It offers individual consultations and workshops or conferences to communities and companies. His approach "dietEthics" consists in adapting its advice to each life course and offering advice favouring a natural and unprocessed diet.

-Delphine Burlet Graduate of the Academy of Sophrology of Paris and the School of Caycedian Sophrology of Grenoble, based in St Pierre de Chartreuse offers individual and collective sessions of sophrology. Sophrology allows through the three tools of breathing, muscle relaxation and positive visualizations, to feel good and develop one's capacities. The Chartreuse massif, a secret and preserved natural space, is ideal for rejuvenation.

 - Peggy Rannou - Sports coach and MBE practitioner, has been working in the fitness field for about twenty years. Six years ago, she adopted new wellness techniques with the graduation of her Pilates instructor diploma and since 2 years has obtained her Nordic Walking instructor diploma, a discipline aiming at a very complete body work as well as a free and outdoor practice. Peggy offers individual or group sessions on the Chartreuse massif and the Grenoble agglomeration. - - 06 30 30 30 50 75

 At the end of this round table, we will give feedback on the Tour de France of the Nordik Walk resorts. Presentation of the film of the 8 stages of the Tour de France of the Nordik Walk Stations, announcement of the winners of the great competition game for a complete outfit for Men and Women offered by Raidligth.


Sunday, October 13th:

Let's walk together on the paths of the Nordik Walk Station!

We give you the opportunity on this stage to join us from the Nordic Walking Station of Saint Pierre de Chartreuse for a Nordik Walk Adventure outing in the heart of the Chartreuse. A single itinerary where we will practice trail, classic walking and Nordic walking at the same time.

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