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Respect Resorts Programme

Because nature is our playground, let's respect it!

Nordik Walk Resorts are committed to more sustainable development and practices through the Respect Resorts programme.

A Respect Resort is a destination that is a member of the Nordik Walk Resorts, which is concerned about its environmental impact and wishes to engage in a sustainable development approach by implementing concrete initiatives with the sports community.

To join this voluntary approach, a simple, concrete and inexpensive action plan is set up in collaboration with the resort in order to be operational quickly.

With seven themes responding to current eco-responsible concerns :

Transport- To inform and encourage travellers to go to the Respect Resorts by using gentler transport.
Promotion of local and sustainable initiatives - To create a link between visitors and locals, and to highlight local and sustainable initiatives
Beaconing - To reduce the impact of beaconing by the right choice of material and installation method.
Waste - To limit waste and facilitate recycling
Home base - To limit energy consumption and the environmental impact of its home base
Disability/social- To make the routes and services of the Nordik Walk Resort accessible to the greatest number of people.
Communication- To inform tourists about the means available to them to limit the impact of their sports holidays.

Discover the First Respect Resorts :
- Outdoor Resort Experiences Puigmal Pyrenees Cerdagne
- Trail Running Resort and Nordik Walk Resort Pays de St Jean de Monts Vendée Océan
Trail Running Resort and Nordik Walk Resort Collines d'Opale Pays de Lumbres
- Trail Running Resort and Nordik Walk Resort Eaux Bonnes Gourette

Some Resort will become Run Collect points: you will then be able to bring back your pair of shoes from
used sports equipment which will then be recovered (sorting, recycling, donation).

You will find all these actions and information directly on the page of the selected resort on the map.

Through the Respect Resorts, choose sports and eco-responsible destinations for your Nordic walking holiday!


This initiative is part of the Respect Rossignol Programme.


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