> > What is Nordic Walking? According to the FFA

Nordic walking is a dynamic walking practice in the middle of nature. It ideally combines endurance work accessible to all, walking, and muscular strengthening of the whole body.

The principle is simple: to accentuate the natural movement of the arms during the walk and to propel the body forward with the help of two sticks that allow you to go faster and walk longer.

The whole body comes into action, strengthening 80% of the muscle chains. The energy expenditure is equivalent to a short jog.

This activity provides pleasure and well-being due to the simplicity of its technique and is therefore suitable for all ages and physical conditions.

Nordic walking is a simple and easily adaptable activity, so it is suitable for all ages and physical conditions. It appeals to everyone, from teenagers to pensioners and experienced sportsmen and women, making it a discipline that is both dynamic and friendly.

The benefits of Nordic Walking :

> Nordic Walking invigorates the body

>Nordic Walking makes it easier to breathe

> Nordic walking strengthens bones

> Nordic walking helps slimming

> Against indications, be careful to adapt the practice to you and to your current form.


To practice and discover Nordic Walking go to the FFA club near you: https://cutt.ly/wj0HB5f 

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